St. Anne's Church, Chingford

Parish Giving


St. Anne's Parish Giving Scheme

You may or may not be aware that it costs 1,000 per week to run St. Anne's Church. The majority of our income comes from our formal Parish Giving Scheme, but in 2019 our total formal giving, plus the money received via the collection plate and the Gift Aid rebate we were able to claim from the Government, was 549 per week a shortfall of 451 per week. This deficit was made up by a combination of one-off donations, our fund raising efforts, the Church Centre surplus and our reserves.

However, this annual shortfall is becoming an increasing concern. For 2020, we had projected a slightly higher deficit of 490 per week as some previous members of the scheme have moved away. Since that projection was made, our income from the Church Centre and fund raising efforts has fallen significantly due to the lockdown for Coronavirus, thus reducing substantially our capacity to make good any shortfall in 2020 from other income. Whilst we can mitigate against some of the costs with, for example, less fuel consumption, there is no doubt that, without a significant increase our giving, we will have to dip further into our reserves to make ends meet.

Clearly, when eventually, we return to normal, we all want to ensure St. Anne's remains a transforming presence in Chingford Hatch for us and for the generations to come. In order to do this, we really do need to get our Church on to a more secure financial footing, by encouraging more people to join our Parish Giving Scheme.

Therefore, on behalf of St. Anne's, if you do not make a regular contribution already, may I ask you to consider if you are able to join our Parish Giving Scheme. Of course, incomes vary, but whether large or small, any amount will be most gratefully received.

During lockdown, a new dedicated telephone service has been established, to allow you to set up a direct debit donation to St. Anne's over the telephone. The details of how you can do this are available here.

If you are a UK tax payer, your donations can be increased in value by 25%, through the Government's Gift Aid scheme, at no additional cost to you.

A leaflet with more details can be downloaded here . If required, more information can be found at: .

On behalf of St. Anne's, I'd like to thank all members of our Parish Giving Scheme for your continued support and recent giving reviews. Also, I'd like to welcome and thank all new members of the scheme.

Lindsey Archer
Parish Giving Officer