St. Anne's Church, Chingford

St. Anne's and the Environment

For many years St Anne's has taken its responsibility to care for the environment seriously

In conjunction with our MMU partners we are now setting out to approach this in a methodical and measured way by participating in the Eco Church project.

Details of this can be found here.

This page will be updated from time to time with details of our progress with the project.

In addition to our responsibility as a church we also each have individual responsibilities as Christians to care for the environment.

There are many suggestions for ways to do this on the Green Christian website here.

Further thoughts on ways in which we can help to preserve the environment are available on the Chelmsford Diocesan Website here.

Given below are links to pdfs of the rsources from these web sites which may be helpful:
Nine ways of living gently on earth
Use your LOAF leaflet
Biodiversity Leaflet
7Rs Leaflet
It is possible.... To live differently

A leaflet suggesting how we can change the way we do things to be more environmentally friendly can be found here:
Ways in which we can make a difference

To show that many of these ideas are far from new a series of articles to help the environment by Jenny Miller originally published in the Hatch Herald, our parish magazine from May 2003 to April 2004 can be found here.