St. Anne's Church, Chingford

Parish Giving

New Service Hdr

The PGS is delighted to announce the launch of a new telephone service, designed to enable prospective donors to set up a regular Direct Debit donation to your parish over the phone.

How will it work?

The service operates weekdays between 9am and 5pm.

To set up a regular gift to your parish call our dedicated telephone line:

0333 002 1271

One of our administrators will take you through the sign up process this normally takes around 15 minutes. You will need to have the following information to hand:

        Personal bank account details
        The name of the parish you wish to donate to
        You will need to confirm if you want to increase your gift in line with inflation each year
        Confirm if you are eligible for Gift Aid
        The PGS code for St. Anne's,which is 080608169

What happens next?

You will receive written confirmation (by email or post) of your Direct Debit, stating that you are supporting St. Anne's, as well as including the amount of your gift and the date of your first donation.

Please note that if you currently give to the church via standing order, we advise you to wait until receiving the confirmation letter from PGS before attempting to cancel it.

How will my parish be notified of the donation?

The parish's Planned Giving representative will receive a monthly statement, detailing the names of those who have donated (unless they choose to remain anonymous) and all the gifts given through the PGS.

What if I need to change my donation?

If you wish to make any changes to your Direct Debit, you should notify a member of the PGS team by phone 0333 002 1260, email or in writing to the address below.

Praise for the new service:

"I found the ease of using the new telephone service very satisfactory. The whole process was efficient and only took 15 minutes. The staff were very helpful and I would thoroughly recommend this service."
Dr Simon Thorp, Eastbourne St. Saviour

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